Home Project

Talking to Granny If you have young children stuck at home with you, desperate to find something new to do while they're not at school, then give them a project to take their minds off boredom.

Take the chance to get them talking to their Gran or older relatives on the phone or via video link and set them up with some questions to ask: what was your favourite subject at school; who was your favourite teacher; what did you do at the weekend when you were a teenager; what changes have you seen in the area; I'm sure you can think of loads more.

In case you can't, we've prepared a worksheet to start them off, all relating to schooldays. It will lead to all sorts of discussions about change and perhaps help the different generations get to know and understand each other better.
You can download it here:Talking to Granny

If you'd like to send the completed worksheet back to us, we'll try and display it in our museum room after the lockdown. Happy chatting! You can send it to histedcentre@gmail.com